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Nebraska CCW Class:

Our CCW Training Class is held on our farm near Bruno, NE (See Directions Page) in our Gun Shop. We have a range right out the back door of our Gun Shop so a person will not need to travel to do the range portion of the class.


Course Goals: To develop in the students the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding citizen’s right to self defense. Through this course, the students will learn about handgun parts and operation, ammunition, gun safety, gun care and storage, shooting fundamentals, Federal, State and Local Laws.

Nebraska CCW Class: This is a 7 hour class, including range, beginning at 8:30 am. Our one day class meets all the requirements for you to apply for the Nebraska Concealed Firearms Permit.

Class Schedule: Please see the Registration Form for class dates or you may e-mail or call for the latest updates on class availability.

Class Cost: $110.00.

What to bring:

  1. Handgun-if semiautomatic and you have additional magazines, bring them
  2. Ammunition - 60 rounds minimum of factory ammunition - NO HANDLOADS/NO RELOADS
  3. Hearing & Eye protection
  4. Holster or other form of containment as the Range Session requires drawing from a concealed location – Due to safety reasons we do not allow cross-draw holsters
    *You may purchase any of the above from us, please call ahead to let us know what your needs may be
  5. A Driver's License or Nebraska ID card will be required the day of class
  6. Proper clothing
    1. Our range is outdoors so dress accordingly for rain, cold, etc.
    2. Your firearm needs to be concealed so wear a jacket, long shirt, etc. that will cover your firearm

Lunch: Pizza Hut Pizza will be provided for lunch, compliments of Great Plains Rifle Works LLC or you may bring your own lunch (refrigerator/microwave available). We will also have coffee, hot cocoa, pop & water available.

Handgun & Ammo are to remain in your vehicle until range.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.